Dating Profile ABC

Where better to start a new online dating blog than with some of the basics a new member to a site (hopefully this one) should consider. So this post is about your profile pictures.

Although a profile can be set up without any photos this isn’t the best way to go. Would you want to consider meeting someone if you couldn’t see them? Many people only search the profiles that have a photo and your chance of being seen increases by around 30% if you put up even one picture. The key thing to consider is what photos to use. Many of us don’t have many pictures of ourselves so we fall back on the two classics; last year’s sun and sea holiday or the last wedding we went to. Try to keep in mind that you want to both present a favourable impression of yourself but also a realistic one as well. If you can, put up a selection of pictures to your profile. Unless you normally have a rather overdone tan or dress to kill every day then that’s not the person a date is going to meet on a wet weekend in November!

Look to show something of your life and interests. Do you play any sport or enjoy outdoor pursuits? Put up a picture that shows this. The same with activities like gardening or creative hobbies. Don’t just post a group picture of you and your mates having a great time. Sure, this shows your fun side but how can somebody that doesn’t know you tell which one is you? Even a twosome can be too much if it’s all there is. Use a photo where you’re not wearing sunglasses. The eyes are an important part of someone’s appearance and hiding them is underselling yourself. Equally don’t try to oversell yourself either. Using old pictures because you looked so much better a few years ago will always backfire when the time comes to date another member of the site in person.

You might see some advice telling folk not to use the “self-portrait with mobile phone in the mirror” shot. We disagree. If you need a decent, up to date picture and you don’t want to involve any friends or family at the beginning then go ahead. But if you have, or can borrow, a proper camera with a self-timer that would be better still.

If you are a member here on Romance in the air don’t forget the various ways to add pictures to your profile. As well as uploading directly you can use your webcam to take a snap, set up a video profile and, if you have connected your Facebook account, you can use photos that are already on your Timeline. The bottom line? Be true to yourself and others by thinking through what image you will project with your choice of pictures.

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